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From inception, Joann Lee, founder and head coach of A.C.E. Firebirds had a vision for her competitive cheerleading club. Beyond the acceptance of a code of conduct and the coaches’ published goals of ‘developing athletism, responsibility, character, and self-esteem in young peoples while also producing exceptional cheerleaders’, Joann had a vision of creating a ‘Cheerleading Family’.

The upbeat and positive personality and strong moral character of both Jo and here coaches are a testament to why each year this family has grown to a point where there are now members from the age of under five to over 50, in some cases mothers, fathers, and siblings, all participating at various levels. A child does not just join a cheerleading club, but the family become a member of the A.C.E. Firebirds Family.

Name Undisclosed Parent of a current Firebirds athlete going into her 9th year with the Firebirds March 31, 2015

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