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Joann Lee had a vision for her…club

From inception, Joann Lee, founder and head coach of A.C.E. Firebirds had a vision for her competitive cheerleading club. Beyond the acceptance of a code of conduct and the coaches' published goals of 'developing athletism, responsibility, character, and self-esteem in young peoples while also producing exceptional cheerleaders', Joann had a vision of creating a 'Cheerleading Family'.

The upbeat and positive personality and strong moral character of both Jo and here coaches are a testament to why each year this family has grown to a point where there are now members from the age of under five to over 50, in some cases mothers, fathers, and siblings, all participating at various levels. A child does not just join a cheerleading club, but the family become a member of the A.C.E. Firebirds Family.

Name Undisclosed Parent of a current Firebirds athlete going into her 9th year with the Firebirds March 31, 2015

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Firebirds…are truly a family

"Our daughter has been on the Firebirds team for four years. She absolutely loves the team and the coaches. They are truly a family.

The coaches are a strong, positive influence in the lives of the cheerleaders with a focus not only on athletic skills but on sportsmanship and strong character."

Name Undisclosed Parent of a current Firebirds athlete March 31, 2015

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Our daughter…loved it!

"Our 18-year old daughter was introduced to the firebirds cheerleading team through a friend during a 'Bring A Friend' night. We didn't think she would like it. Boy, were we wrong!

She loved it and wanted to join right away. She has been part of the Firebirds since she was 12 years old. She loves being part of the team and going to competitions. She has made some awesome friends too! She also loves the summer program, not wanting to miss cheerleading over the summer.

As parents, we find the coaching staff to be kind, courteous and deal with the team and parents with a high level of professionalism. We love the Firebirds as much as our daughter!"

Name Undisclosed Parent of a recent Firebirds graduate March 31, 2015